Spacious and warm apartment in Helsinki

Now, when I am looking at this spacious apartment from Helsinki, I am trying to imagine how it would look unfurnished. It would be a spacious place, with white walls, high ceilings, big windows that allow natural light in, and wooden floors. That’s all. So, I have to admit that furniture and decorative objects have a major importance in embellishing it. Since the entrance, we can see that this place is decorated with discreet objects, like the minimalistic picture above one door, and two pigeons that seem to fly inside the hall.

This 130 square meters apartment breaks any pattern of a modern home, because inside, the owners preferred to decorate their living space with a massive wooden table and a fireplace in the back of one lower shelf decorated as well with a stuffed bird. Beneath and in the right side of the fireplace we will see lots of cut pieces of wood that are a magnificent design for the entire room. It is the first time in my life when I see two opposite design styles put together in the same place: minimalism and rustic style, and I have to admit that the result is great, even unexpected.

The kitchen is also a big, open space, but here we see only a modern style, because the owners decorated it with the latest appliances, and a minimalist drawing on the wall. I have noticed that the bedroom is very simple accessorized but connected with the dressing room. The bed is the main piece of furniture, and additional to it are some cozy chairs and a sort of table that sits a globe. In my opinion, all the wood and natural materials are providing warmth in the otherwise minimalistic space, creating a really nice and cozy atmosphere.{found on site}.

Source: Homedit

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