34 ý tưởng tự thiết kế đầu giường

Do It Yourself (DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying , repairing or any kind of activity done by yourself, without help from a professional. This term came into common use in the ’50s when people started to do things around the house by themselves , that is why it refers to home improvement. In recent years the term DIY has taken a larger meaning, covering now a wide range of skill sets and it is somehow related to Arts and Crafts, offering in the same time the strongest fact about DIY, it provides an alternative to modern consumer’s culture emphasis on relying on others to satisfy your own needs. The DIY movement is represents a re-introduction of the old pattern of personal involvement and use of skills in any materials aspect of living. This major movement is supported by publications world-wide providing ideas and techniques, like we do now.


This DIY segment is for Head Board projects, completed with a lot of ideas and “how to”. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and unleash your imagination to create something unique on your own taste. Some time is easy, some time is a little bit tricky, but be sure that you will be creating something original and amazing with  you own hands. The whole idea is to create something unique without spending too much money.

These 34 diy headboard ideas exposed here are not competing with each other, by the contrary these are the best projects we could find to show you, and all of them are equally interesting.


  1. Headboard from salvaged materials.The first project is realized from scrap materials salvaged from a burn pile. The main item is  an old door paired beautifully with a vintage gate taken from a  waste dump. The arrangement took a little bit of imagination and spray paint and the result is like a crown for the king-size bed. Now , can you imagine your own “sleeping throne”.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.
  2. Metal headboard.This one is really simple, but ingenious. Who knew that metal roofing could be so stylish? This unique headboard gets a rustic, but yet shiny glamorous feel. It was possible by cutting into this shape a piece of corrugated tin. This common, traditional texture of the material can be recognized, but this  $30 headboard is anything but ordinary.{found on Kara Paslay blog}.
  3. Old door headboard.A pair of reclaimed old doors add a tremendous visual weight  to this dreamy bedroom. The airy bedroom is enhanced by plenty of natural light and  white painted walls. Also into the room can be found other vintage elements starting with the sparkling chandelier.{found on Dreamy Whites blog}.
  4. Original headboard using store signs.This projects shows the diversity of item you can use to create an original headboard. This one is realized with a reclaimed convenience store sign that looks as good as new and a beautiful eye-catching backdrop for a daybed. The theme provided by the sign is not everything to this room but its historic significance makes its owner to almost  taste those times.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.
  5. Indian headboard project.This hand carved Indian Rosewood screen found at a flea market adds texture to the interior and an oriental touch to the bedroom. Hand crafted objects have a lot more value and it establishes a connection between the  two persons involved. The four-panel screen fits perfectly above the king-size bed.{found on Adeeni Design Group}.
  6. Natural Wood Headboard.In this modern loft bedroom with white walls and modern appliances the missing piece to a complete  interior can be this an organic element. This old hardwood board adds a natural touch and warms up the soulless industrial-looking space.{pics by Daniel Bodenmiller}
  7. Eye catching headboard.In this  small studio apartment is quite hard to create a focal point,  but this guy managed to create it by using 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces secured to two strips of iron. This way he created a striking  headboard that extends all the way to the ceiling to create a visual interest and to redefine the space. I can imagine that this couldn’t cost very much, exactly how we want it: cool and cheap!{found on roomzaar}.
  8. Shutter Headboard.Depending on your interior setting you can fit only some parts and elements. A cool way to create a headboard that kind of goes anywhere is with these unfinished shutters. This brings a bit of texture into the room among decorative letters and pillows.{found on hgtv}.
  9. Headboard from pallets.Probably the simplest headboard  ever  can be found in this room. The combination of vivid colors in the walls and the bare wood pallets  from the construction sector is quite interesting and unique. You wouldn’t expect the combination of navy blue-and-white stripes painted in the closet , green walls and such a simple wood frame at the headboard and the two wooden nightstands in a natural finish.{found on Lakeitha Duncan}.
  10. Headboard from old bard window.This interesting headboard is from an old barn window.  The item was modified to fit perfectly into the design. The square glass pieces were first painted and then with a special technique it became mirror. The frame is painted black to contrast with the white on the surrounding walls. So in this case country goes contemporary.{found on Birdhouse Interiors}.
  11. Headboard from white fence.This garden-inspired bedroom  has as a headboard from a traditional white fence.  This unique item is paired with sunny yellow walls and the country side bedding. Overall the room gets a fresh spring feel, a perfect way to get up in the morning relaxed, with the batteries charged, ready for another day.{found on roomzaar}.
  12. Diy headboard with shelves from a old door.The next project of DIY headboard features an attractive door form an old furniture piece. As a bonus, it has a small shelve above. Great for all sorts of decorative objects . As we can see  the room’s theme contain also another great antique piece of bed stand . Matching lamps  on each side of the bed complement the stage for a stylish sleeping.{found on S Interior Design}.
  13. A rustic turuoise headboard.Cleary, a wooden headboard adds style, comfort and a warm feeling to any bedroom. A turquoise wooden headboard adds a lot more. The bold move adds a playful note to the room, already decorated in a specific theme. It’s cheap and bold and I think it suits very well a young couple.{found on Ana-White}.
  14. Add elegance with an upholstered headboard.This is the perfect example of a statement piece in the bedroom. The interesting item is designed and implemented quite easy. The over-the-top upholstered headboard has been created using simple materials like glue, staple and basic sewing skills. Up, until the ceiling this upholstered headboard adds height to the room.{found on Isabella & Max Rooms}.
  15. Cover with fabrics.Another possibility of design if you already have an old headboard is to cover it up with fabrics, or combinations of fabric and  simple paint.  This headboard is covered in a simple fabric and adds an  interesting note to the room.{found on Holly Mathis}.
  16. Headboard custom look.This bedroom setting is perfect. The  brick work is beautifully exposed and enhanced with perfect white sheets and a matching headboard. It is made from a simple  canvas board. The  low cost process took a standard canvas board and embellished it with nail head trim. This no sew project has the same look as an upholstered designer headboard.{found on Designer Dan Faires}.
  17. White decal for headboard.This projects  it’s so easy to make it doesn’t need any kind of instructions. You can easily place a stark white decal to contrast with the really bold color on the wall in a playful room.  With this simple instructions, only the sky is the limit. My personal opinion is that this looks like a big red barn, playful though and very youthful.{found on Vanessa De Vargas }.
  18. Upholstered Nailhead Trim Headboard.Similar like the one presented above this headboard is a very simple project to do in your free time. Building this nail head trim headboard allows you to choose exactly the fabric you want from the local Home Depot. The result is beautiful and creates and interesting contrast with the environment.{found on casasugar}.
  19. Diy headboard from folding closet doors.A cool way to create an headboard is with folding closet doors and  garnished with decorative paper pasted into middle and secured to the wall. I bet that this is very simple to construct and if you have all the materials around the house , if not try your grandma’s attic.{found on jessicaclairesworld}.
  20. Use big pictures to create unique headboards.One of my favorite ways to achieve a modern bedroom is like in this case over here. Take a large piece of artwork and put it behind your bed. It’s that simple. Choose  a picture that matches your décor and you can give your room personality very easy. {found on messagenote }.
  21. Bold colors for headboard.Until now, we had all sorts of bedrooms but not a single children’s bedroom. This project features two small beds with  two fantastic looking headboards. A really bold color and pattern animates the place, making the kid’s room playful, catching their attention and interest.{found on glanceatbeauty}.
  22. Diy a beafutiful headboard from plates.A very interesting idea of a headboard is this project. This collection of plates was found on a flea market  and gave the idea to spruce up the bed with a very small amount of money. If you’re into that kind of thing, take this into consideration, because indeed the result is fantastic.{found on newlyweddiaries}.
  23. Wood headboard.This projects over here highlights not necessarily the need for a headboard to obtain a cool effect into the design. The same result can be achieved with this  architectural piece.  In the right place and interior setting this arrangement can be very attractive, changing the room completely.{found on artdeco.blox.pl}.
  24. Chalkboard paint headboard.A tremendous DIY  HeadBoard project is represented by this one, right here. It’s simple to build but you may need certain special materials like the chalkboard paint. The item consists of a wood cutout, painted with the  chalkboard paint, a dustless chalk to write and draw everyday  whatever you think is important, and a nice vintage silhouette. It couldn’t turn  better!{found on The Inglenook Decor}.
  25. Salvaged barnwood headboard.This one over here, was born with the need of a headboard. Some leftover oak boards quickly became the main “ingredient” to a meaningful item. The process of cutting some wooden boards, screwing some supporting elements in it and some clear spray paint isn’t  that hard to do. The result, as you can see creates a focal point over the bed and animates the bedroom.{found on designsponge}.
  26. Fabic headboard.I bet nobody attempted this at home. This brilliant idea of creating a headboard that isn’t really a headboard occurred in the lack of not having some scrap material to make a real one. The projects consists in taking a piece of fabric, cut it in any shape you like , apply liquid starch, so it becomes removable and then iron the board straight on the wall. The result is amazing, you get the appearance of a proper upholstered headboard.{found on metalandmud}.
  27. Diy Tufted Headboard.This project took 6 hours to complete and for under 100 bucks is the best tufted headboard I’ve ever seen.  It requires a little more supplies like foam, plywood, a few bolts and some fabric but the resulting piece totally worth it. Just look at it! It resembles very well a really expensive leather couch, and the contrast is marvelous.{found on apartmenttherapy}.
  28. Turn your mantel fireplace into a headboard.There are more ways to create a headboard that you could ever imagine. This one for example is made from  mantelpiece. Normally destined for a fireplace this unusual item is now facing a whole new “job description” . Not only the idea looks interesting but the original worn finish of the mantel as well.{found on apartmenttherapy}.
  29. Headboard with ikea furntiure.The next project , although  the Mandal is from Ikea is still a DIY.  This item was used for a slightly different  purpose , other that is was made for.  So, stacked  high against the wall this is a legit headboard with shelves for books and  other decorative objects. It fits perfectly in the room, thanks to other wooden parts and materials.{found on apartmenttheraypy}.
  30. Chalkboard headboard.This is as simple as it looks. Just take an old  big chalkboard with a nice wooden frame and use it as a headboard.  The really cool thing about it , is that every day it could look different thanks the space offered to draw funny things or write messages. In this way , you transform your bedroom in a fun place, with changing moods, depending on how you’re feeling at any given moment.{found on ap}.
  31. Bold headboard fabrics.If your bed has gone naked for too long and you think it’s time  for some kind of headboard you can choose to make a cushy one, to enjoy leaning against it. Whatever  the interior and the bed size, a nice bold print will definitely spice things up.  The whole project can’t take long to complete and so you can experiment with your own ideas until you get what you like.{found on I Suwannee}.
  32. Old door headboard.As we shown earlier doors are a very common encounter in many headboard projects. Very often old doors are made from hard wood and very resistive through years. That is why people use them a lot, but no door is like other  and every project is different.  The main idea is to look good and to be inexpensive, the rest is left to your imagination.{found on ap}.
  33. Mirror headboard.A headboard made out from an old mirror is hardly something new, but it has its advantages. Reflects light, and in a small place could be a very good thing, and because it reflects anything it doesn’t create a focal point , giving in the same time a sense of height and space into the environment.{found on here}.
  34. Upholstered otomi headboard.Great designs can be achieved as well with inexpensive materials and techniques. The condition is to pick up the good things from stuff you like and then transpose them into your own creation. There isn’t a limit for what is beautiful and what is not as long as you like it and fits to your interior. This original headboard was made from a particular textile, called the otomi fabric. It is hand made by the otomi Indians of central Mexico and in its design are figured animals that seem to dance around.{found on designsponge}.

Well, you’ve seen it! These are the most interesting DIY headboard ideas and projects. All you have to do now is to take all these wonderful ideas and to put them in your own project. By the way, which one do you like the most?


Source: Homedit


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