Tu sửa lại căn hộ nhỏ tại Madrid

Small places can also be beautiful and pleasant. In fact, it could more inviting and warm just because of its small dimensions. For example, let’s take a look at this beautiful place in Madrid. The design was created by Paloma Martínez Gil, Argensolacuatro Architecture Study. What you see here is actually a redesign and restructure of an already existing house.

The original place had a small living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The space available was limited and there wasn’t anything drastic that the designers could do. The changed made were regarding the distribution of the rooms and the interior décor.


The new rooms were airy and created the impression of a larger space. The windows were replaced with larger ones that completely changed the perspective and let in more natural light. The floor was divided into two areas, night and day, two almost symmetrical spaces. The living room, dining room and the kitchen represent one area while the private rooms are on the other side. They are two independent spaces and in order to create this division the walls had to be removed and repositioned.

As you can see, just because a house or apartment has a certain design this doesn’t mean you have to live with it the rest of your life even though you wish it was different. You can always make changes according to your preference and this is long-term change that will contribute to a pleasant family life.{found on micasarevista}

Source: Homedit


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